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October 14th
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More holidays, puh-puh-puh-leaassseee.. 😭

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October 10th
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October 3rd
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Dear Sey,

Please don’t be lazy and go out tomorrow. As you planned.

Finish your list. Holidays don’t always happen.

Enjoy. ;)

031014 Sey.

October 3rd
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Then and Now: ‘Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich’ by Sandro Miller

Veteran photographer Sandro Miller, seasoned actor John Malkovich and a perfectionist crew of make-up artists, stylists and set designers teamed up to pay homage to some of the world’s greatest master photographers for this series of recreated iconic photographs. http://bit.ly/1rEhVv8

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September 25th
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Yay! Finally! Oh wait, party muna sa bahay dahil birthday.

Oh, okay. Kulong sa kwarto, nood ng movie, i-max ang volume para hindi marinig ang “Loosen up mah buh-uns, babe” na sounds sa labas.

Habang tumatagal mas nagiging anti-social pa ako. Wow.

Work, bahay, 9gagtv, vines, hellogiggles, facebook, instagram, vsco. Tapos repeat. Tapos pag may 30mins extra time pa, 1 episode ng FRIENDS.

Habang tumatagal nagiging mas grumpy, workaholic at unproductive din ako. Solid wow!

Ganito ba pag sinampal na ng real world? Wala ng fun?

Buset. Bumili ka na ng camera utang na loob, Sey!

Or, or, have friends! (Ate Jen is my friend.) No dimwit, a friend with the same interests as yours! (Yeah, right. ‘Coz I’m so straightforward with people.)

Well, Hello Sci-fi movies, again, I guess.

Pushang galang Gimme gimme na sounds yannnn!!!

Sige paalam na. Maglalaslas lang ako.

Follow me. 😌

Follow me. 😌

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September 19th
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September 17th
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Lomography Tag of the Day - holga

Beautiful. ❤


Lomography Tag of the Day - holga

Beautiful. ❤

September 12th
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From where I stand.

From where I stand.